I’m annoying cause my passion for music is too insane many don’t understand me and think I’m a psycho. The only thing I will really fight to the death for and die for. I’d be happy dying in a plane crash as long as I’m on tour or some shit then fuck it as long as I’m dying doing me. Fuck parties fuck popularity fuck bull shit I only do this and that’s cool call me lame call me a loner call me a fucking a nerd suck my dick. I get sad when I can’t do my music and forced to wait out on some civilized shit cause it doesn’t feel right it’s like my IV. I hate shows I hate being an audience member I’m socially awkward as shit I’m only comfortable on stage with something in my hands and can’t even speak into a mic. This is all I know I’m not annoying I just protect my music like it’s my child and motherfuckers don’t get it. Really wish I had something like electric ladyland where Jimi could just go and be himself and not worry about shit. No friendly bullshit, money shit, people all that, just pure love and life. The only thing I speak straight to the point about cause it’s the only thing that really fucking matters to me.